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I'm Muhammad Ahsan and my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive...and to do so with passion, some compassion. Web Developer, Cinematographer, High End Retoucher

Live The Design Process

Understanding the Design Process Let’s start by understanding the difference between engineers and engineering designers.  The work we do as reliability engineers may require a different approach when working with these different types of engineers. Jack Howe, an architect and engineering designer, has said: "I believe in intuition. I

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What’s Next of the App Store?

What’s next for App Store? AI is now in our living rooms and cars and, often, our pockets. As it becomes more pervasive, we’ve begun to entrust it with increasingly greater responsibility. But as AI becomes even more adept at performing a wider array of complex tasks, how can we build user trust

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The Humble Wooden Desk

The Humble Wooden Desk Meets The Internet Of  Things Since it opened up shop in July, Opendesk has been busy making open-sourced furniture whose designs can be downloaded, tweaked and then produced locally, anywhere in the world. Last month, they kitted out the entire offices for the self-built computer brand Kano. Now they’re turning their

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As a best Web Developer Muhammad Ahsan can enhance your vision for better life.

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